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Homeward Bound Pennant - Hand Sewn (Various Sizes)

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After a long deployment, the US Navy has used a "homeward bound pennant" of similar design to the Navy Commissioning Pennant. The homeward bound pennant is traditionally hoisted until sunset on the day of arrival at the destination.

Handmade in Seattle, Washington.

Appliqued (hand sewn, not printed) pennant using heavyweight nylon fabric, durable canvas heading and brass grommets.

Colors: Red, white and blue

Stock Sizes (hoist x length):

4 inches x 4 feet

5 inches x 6 feet

6 inches x 9.5 feet

7 inches x 15 feet

7 inches x 20 feet


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280 foot Homeward Bound Pennant flying from the USS Carney.




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